The Ritz is wrong

Today, I followed a link from twitter to this page.

The page details a letter-response-newspaper article sequence of a letter sent to the Ritz hotel in London asking for a definitive answer to the age old argument of which comes first: the cream or the jam?

Unfortunately, the Ritz answered incorrectly. I am sad for them. You see, they state that

The Ritz London would prefer to encourage the “jam then cream” option

which is patently foolish.

It would be churlish of me to not to explain why however, and so I refer people to the relative thickness/viscosity of cream and jam. If one applies the jam first, and then the cream, the required pressure from the hand via knife to dispense cream unto scone displaces the jam. Conversely, jam is relatively free-flowing, and thus glides effortlessly from the blade to reside in its rightful place; regally upon the top of the cream.

Hopefully the Ritz will realise the error of their ways and recant.

7 thoughts on “The Ritz is wrong

  1. The Ritz are quite correct but I do see the problem you’d have dispensing cream on to the scone with a knife. Of course, as any sensible person knows, using a spoon to dispense the cream is the preferred option. In fact two spoons can be a bonus to make it easier to scrape off the cream and get a nice big dollop on the jam. No need to spread the cream- that’s just a waste of time.

  2. I’m with Gavin on this one, you want a nicely even distribution of cream across the whole scone which can only be achieved by spreading it with a knife.

    Also, how often were you intending on using the “cream vs jam” tag that you have created?

  3. And what’s wrong with a big dollop in the middle? Unless you’re planning to nibble round the edge like a hamster, there’s no problem and the reward is a sumptuous unsullied crown of cream.

    Clearly the curriculum is missing even basic life skills these days. I can only hope the Ritz can stem the tide of cream abusers before it’s too late.

  4. NoNo, the Ritz is absolutely on the money; the ‘Cornish Way’ as I believe it’s also called. Spread the jam, splodge the cream. End of. Your argument for the ‘Devon Way’ of cream first seems reasonable enough, but I say if the jam is to be displaced by the cream then so be it. Better the devil you know.

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