Arctic Circle Trail Day 6 – And On the 6th Day They Rested

No weigh in

The alarm still went off at 07:30, but there was no rush to get up. We lazed for an hour snoozing or reading until Anna (of all people) got up first. At first it appeared that she was going to get water, but this was but a ruse so Steve and I took packs and water containers from the hut down to the nearby creek: a ten minute walk. On the way back, we picked bilberries for breakfast. I showed Anna how to use the stove to make breakfast. Will she remember how?

At around 10:30, the first walker of the day stopped in for a look and a cup of tea. David was from Lancaster and combining itineraries from the book, so moving much quicker than us (he did it in five days in the end).

We did more washing today: first wash of bowls, cups and sporks with actual soap; another clothes wash; and then hair as well for good measure! We made another washing line to dry the clothes outside the hut. The day brightened up and there was a slight breeze, giving perfect conditions for drying.

The afternoon was spent largely on a small outcrop next to the hut. Anna collected bilberries from the lower slopes of the hills behind while I practised the harmonica some more. I still suck (and sometimes blow), but I think there’s some small improvement. We all spent time reading, wandering and updating the contents of the washing line with more clothes, tentage and sleeping bag liners to air and/or dry.

Keen to try the local cuisine, Anna collected some of the “labrador tea” herb and brewed it into a hot drink. It tasted OK, but was a little weak. I messed around a little bit trying to climb the outcrop in sandals, which would have been trivial in climbing shoes but provided a few minutes of entertainment.

Around 14:30-15:00, the next people arrived. A French couple – Alain and Veronique – and a German chap – Klaus – have been walking together. Alain and Veronique pitched their tent 100m or so away, while Klaus opted to join us in the hut.

Despite collecting around 20l of water this morning, all the washing makes it look like another trip will be necessary. Various food sorting and bag packing has occurred throughout the day to ensure we have sufficient supplies for the remainder of the hike. Anna is targeting a 12kg pack tomorrow, but I don’t think I can break 15kg yet :-(.

Between 17:00 and 17:30, an influx of new arrivals began to fill the area around the hut with tents. First were the red-tented German duo from the beach, who came into the hut searching for the geocache tokens. They told us that they had found the tokens in the canoe centre, and gave us the number we had been missing. They also had found nothing at the previous hut, so perhaps we have not missed too much after all! As we stepped out to grab the last few things from the line, we saw two more parties: the German couple who camped near Katiffik and our Swiss friends.

It got a bit windy and drizzly in the evening, and we moved into the hut. The views across the fjord are spectacular, and can be seen from the window while sat at the table. I lost two games of RFTG: one apiece for Anna and Steve. We lit a candle for ambience, and a cosy evening was spent chatting to Klaus and the Swiss couple and failing to do the crossword.

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