Stuff I want

This page is for parents etc who want to buy me stuff. Normal people should just ignore this page. Links aren’t necessarily the cheapest place to get something.


  • Outdoor books
  • Random books
    • John Maynard Keynes – Essays in Persuasion [Amazon]
    • John Maynard Keynes – The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money [Amazon]
    • Stuart Sutherland – Irrationality [The Register]
    • Amazon gift vouchers to buy Kindle books!



  • Cast iron roasting tray (large one)

Outdoor/exercise gear

  • Skiing gear
    • Snow saw [AlpKit]
    • Boot leashes
  • Mountain biking
    • Mudguards
    • Gloves with touchscreen finger
    • Chain cleaning tool
    • Cleaning brush (small) for cleaning gears
  • Walking gear
    • Icebreaker 150 weight short sleeve t-shirts
  • Climbing gear
    • Adjustable weight vest. Something around 20kg, that you can add/remove weight to/from. Something like [this].

Board Games etc

  • Agricola – All Creatures Big and Small [Amazon]
  • Any old jigsaw puzzle from a charity shop
  • Scratch-off munro map 


  • Socks
  • Slippers


  • Port (Noval/Taylor’s/Graham’s/Fonseca)
  • Scotch –
    • Stuff I’ve had before and liked (Jura/Singleton/Auchentoshen/Bruichladdich etc)
    • New stuff I want to try

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