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24 Jan 2011

Home brew dunkelweizen – brew day

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With a stonking hangover from Saturday night’s Burns night celebration, I got up on Sunday to start work on the first run of home made beer with my newly-purchased brewing kit.

The plan: 23 litres of dark wheat beer – a dunkelweizen.

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21 Jan 2011

Home brewing – equipment selection

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For a long time, I’ve liked the idea of home brewing. It’s been one of those things I keep saying

oh yeah, I really should get around to ordering some stuff and doing it

This started around 10 years ago with a home-brew kit: a thick goop that you boiled up with some water, added some sugar and left in a bucket for a couple of weeks. A while later I teamed up with a friend and actually ordered some stuff. Unfortunately, we never actually got around to doing anything with it.

That was then and this is now, however, and the idea has once-more bubbled to the surface (there’s a pun in there somewhere). Over the last year or so, I’ve almost raised the enthusiasm to dive in but always been stumped by the vast array of techniques and equipment and ingredients and just decided it’s too much hassle and I’ll look into it more later. Finally, this month, I resolved to get off my arse and sort it out once and for all, and on Sunday 16th January I finally hit submit on my order. Here’s a run-down of what I bought and why.

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8 Oct 2010

Amazon Kindle

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Kindle in Box

Back in August – the 20th to be precise – it was my birthday.

Despite the highly-useful stuff I want page, my parent’s didn’t get me a gift (there were reasons why!), and asked me to let them know what I wanted.

Originally, I was leaning towards a synthetic jacket to keep me warm in those cold Scottish winter days, but eventually I started hankering after an Amazon Kindle.

I suspect I was suckered in by a combination of advertising and a few other people I know having one, but once I’d had the idea it started growing quite rapidly.

When I was a kid, I used to read quite a lot, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found less spare time to dedicate to books. This year, however, I have made a conscious effort to read more and am slowly regaining my reading speed.

So when stock came back in, I was offered a Kindle and I jumped at the chance.

Today it arrived while I was at work, and was awaiting my homecoming.

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27 Feb 2010

Taking a running jump

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Gash in head

Gash in head

There are those times in life, lying flat on your back in Wetherspoon’s with blood leaking from you head, when you think perhaps you shouldn’t have attempted to jump down those stairs.

Admittedly, these times are probably quite rare.

The circumstances leading up to this event are not really of interest, but suffice to say at around 10 o’clock on Friday night I was sat enjoying my beer “upstairs” in Winchester’s ‘spoons. For those of you who haven’t been to the Old Gaol House, when I say upstairs I mean 2 stairs.

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13 Jan 2010

Don’t forget to tax your car!

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About a week and a half ago – Saturday the 2nd to be precise – I was sat in the bar at the Brewery in Kendal and was talking about chipped windscreens. Some vague connection in my head went off and I started to wonder when my tax was due. Beer soon took over though, and I promptly forgot about it. The next day, however, sitting in my passenger seat I spotted the disc in the corner of the windscreen and took a look.

30th November 2009.


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11 Jan 2010

Wales for the weekend

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